15 ways to use sticky notes: get creative with what you have

That you can use for notes, except for that Well, pull out your dear friend, ‘ cause I’m gonna tell you now. They can be used to perform tasks such as students, so be prepared to make your mind blown up by creativity It’s pretty obvious, but … mark the pages or passwords you work with with stickup notes! It is doubly effective because you can also record notes rather than textbooks Mark the beginning and end of the reading. You can color-code the various sections and write them along with subsequent questions or summaries to simplify the view. Susy additional information in your planning, so that you always have some. You never know when you need to attach a note-even if you only need it for writing and hit him on your friend’s back We still love the ‘ 90s, right? At the beginning of the day, place a sticker with your list of cases on your laptop, so that you can remember your goals and tasks for the day. He’ll get your productive ball Write the library and tape them in front of these books, so you won’t be charged any extra expenses. Every dollar matters! Do you have any keyboard shortcuts that you know less well, but you want to learn? Write them down and put them on your laptop so you can always have access to them. You can also add reminders about upcoming assignments, tests, group projects, and so on Move the stickline between the keys on the keyboard. In the sticky strip, the graft part of the dust and the food that you prettily prettily doesn’t exist. You’ll be surprised, and perhaps a little vomit, from what you find when it’s retrieved Put the note in the fridge and add what you need until you go to the grocery store. artistic! Enjoy a series of sticky notes to create a moving book with moving cartica Release the sticky note so that you use only this part to save the notebooks and bundles, recorded with sticky edges! You can put them along your back so that they can be easily found You can save time by sweeping the device that connects to each cable, so you do not understand that you can disconnect from the television. Attach the sticker around the appropriate cable, leaving the identifying label “TV” or “Wi-Screen” or “Computer Screen”. Are you sharing the fridge? If everyone has identified what belongs to them, nobody will accidentally drink your juice! Now, don’t make a mark for everything It may be super-top and passive. Nobody likes that There are some dissuasive and only stickers with several key elements that might be mistaken for someone else Create a color schedule that organizes daily tasks on the wall. This may help you to schedule your week, especially when it comes to this You can also use this method to identify shared household chores. In this case, if you leave it in the general room, it will be available to all. Come on! There’s a hot drink in your hand, and no fire can be seen, but there’s a pile of postdocs. Sometimes I keep random stickers stuck in my desk in case I need fast, fast. This is really useful, especially if you’re a student. Don’t forget that the colors shouldn’t be colored, as your furniture could be used to protect it. Neutral and unbrightly coloured stickers can be used for this. Unlocking the creative side and doing something more fun! It’s colored paper after all. If you do not want these words to be tickly, you can always use them for your natural (if they are somewhat boring) for the purpose of the comment. Enjoy!

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