Forget the traineeships, try working as a camp counselor

Summer feels so far away, but people are blocking the summer jobs. If you’re looking for a way to enjoy yourself and get paid next summer, you should be a camp counselor You may already have a summer job, or perhaps you’re still looking for it. If you’re in high school, you might need a few hours of volunteer work. If you’re not sure how you want to spend your summer, I have a job or a volunteer at the summer camp. Last summer, when I was going to university for the fourth year, I got a job as a camp counselor. I was older than most of the other staff, but it was the best student work I’ve ever had. That’s why When I was a camp counselor, I was paid for sports, swimming and walking. Now we can think about it -It’s not for kids? Yeah, but you’d be surprised how fun you are to get in touch with your inner child. When I was a camp counselor, I was reminded of the fun of Marco Polo and the flag of the flag. Oh, and I’ve also found a cherry with cherries in a vibration shop, and my life has changed When I was working in a large, non-union retail store, there was always a task, be it shelves, help to the customer, or return of return. Everything was done to improve my performance. Because I was so busy, I didn’ t get a lot of chances to communicate with my colleagues Being a camp counselor is not the way to get the best performance, because he needs to make sure the kids are safe and secure. Yeah, there are times when it’s stress, but there’s plenty of time to relax When I was a consultant, there were times when all I had to do was watch the kids play on their own. We used these opportunities to get to know each other (and always follow the children, unwind people) When I worked in retail, it was hard to get a 40-hour workweek in the summer. Retail shops are often obliged to provide benefits to employees who work full-time, so they usually hire many part-time employees to avoid this. The summer camp cannot simply hire part-time workers because they need their staff to ensure strong connections with children. If you want to mexil your flight hours, the work in the camp is great Last summer, I was an advisor on a 21-year-old camp. Most of my employees were 16-19. At first I felt unsecure from one of the old employees. I thought it would shouldn’t she be working in her career field? But nobody cares about me being a little bit older than average And after my nine-five in the camp, I was able to go home and apply for work and an internship in my real field. Since most of the internships in my field were unpaid, it was nice to have some extra cash in the summer There’s no better way to know about kids than to lead a large group of tourists. Even if you have a young cousin, niece, or nephew you spend your time with, you don’t understand the children you have, if you don’t depend on a large group of them. When you lead a group of participants, you observe how different children learn and how they interact with each other. When you learn about the children, you learn about yourself and yourself I found that many of the things I thought about children were not true. I was surprised how often today’s children are still playing with toys. They’re not as possessed as the media Working with children has also given me a new perspective in my childhood memories. When I was a kid, I thought I was weird because I don’t like sports or gymnastics. I wasn’t really in contact with anyone outside my social class. I was wondering if there was someone like me in there. But when I was a counselor at the camp, I realized there are a lot of kids who don’t like sports, gymnastics or other “cool” hobbies. Many of them would prefer to read “Harry Potter” or to draw comics If you can spend the summer as a consultant or volunteer in a camp, you will have experience that no other summer work will give you while you support your future dreams

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